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Understanding Reflectional Symmetry

Posted on: February 16, 2010

        This activity was very engaging. In order to successful complete this activity the student must understand where the x and y-axis are located. They must also have some idea of the meaning of reflection. Watching students complete this activity will give the teacher a better understanding of who truly knows the fundamentals of reflections.

        I think that students would enjoy this activity. Anytime that a student actually gets to manipulate or create materials they develop a stronger understanding of the concept. I do feel that this activity is geared more for sixth graders than eighth graders. Students learn about the coordinate system in the late primary years and could easily build upon it to complete this activity.


1 Response to "Understanding Reflectional Symmetry"

Hi Roberta – Good point that teachers could use this activty to assess the reflection knowledge of their students. It could also be used as a graded assessment as well. Beth

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